Holland Ranch | Nena & Kory’s San Luis Obispo Wedding


You’ve already heard how much we love to capture the moments of people we love, and this wedding was no exception. Nena has been my (Brooke’s) best friend since high school. We were practically raised together–her grandmother and my father (also besties) shuttling us all over Northern California for volleyball tournaments. We lived together in college. She held my veil out of my face while I said my vows. We don’t even use each other’s names–“Sister” covers it.

I was thrilled when she and Kory asked us to photograph their big day. They’d be getting married on the cliffs in Pismo Beach at Dinosaur Caves–where they met and spend much of their time, playing beach volleyball together. I was familiar with their reception venue, Holland Ranch, from my own wedding search. It’s rustic, and funky, and has the.most.epic. vistas. Kory’s brother, Mark, would be heading up the wedding design–this man has VISION; he doesn’t miss a detail. And everything would be familiar and beloved. Hair by my amazingly talented friend, Lisa Ponce Kim. Gorgeous makeup by Nena’s awesome friend, Jen Siqueros. Brown Booth photos provided by my college bestie. Rehearsal dinner by the Tio Alberto’s food truck–our late night fave during the college years. Delicious BBQ catered by Hoagie’s, a sandwich shop where everyone knows Kory by name. Everyone involved has love for these two–and when you have that kind of loving attention at an event, magic happens.

Of course, this also created a unique challenge as a photography team, since my first responsibility was as a bridesmaid and mama to a sweet flowergirl! So Bryn buttered up her hubby, Nick, and employed him as her second shooter for much of the day. I was able to snag my baby (the camera, not the kids) a few times, but was able to celebrate this awesome union with friends and family for most of the day. (Thanks Bryn & Nick!)

Congrats you two! It was an incredible day to unite two beautiful souls.

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